They are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.”Matthew 19:6 NIV

Tony and Roz began talking on a personal level in November 2010.  Tony had been Roz’s middle son’s assistant football coach for quite some time; however, they had very little communication.  One day, Roz received a call from another football mom asking her to reach out to “Coach Tony” as she called him, because he was going through something and she felt Roz would be a great person for him to talk to. Roz was hesitant in the beginning. What the woman didn’t know, was Roz was dealing with her own personal issues at the time. Roz moved to Waldorf to escape her ugly truths. She was a single mother raising 3 boys and Tony was a bachelor. Nonetheless, Roz decided to reach out through text. When Tony received the text, he thought it was someone playing on his phone, so he called the unknown number. Roz didn’t answer the call because she was not anticipating the possibility that he would call back. Roz called him back moments later, and Tony answered. He thanked her for her kind words, but he was still wondering who the person was he was speaking to. When she told him her name, he did not know who she was. Once she told her son’s name, his response was, “Oh! You’re the mom with the loud truck who comes to practice late all of the time”. The two of them began talking on the phone for a while. Tony was going through some things that had him headed in a direction that was not his character. He was starting to lose himself, dealing with his prior situation. Roz’s act of kindness intrigued him to get to know her more. Impressed, by the way she saved him from heading in the wrong direction, he asked if he could come see her. He wanted to hug this angel he was speaking to on the phone. She reluctantly said yes. When he got there, she greeted him outside a couple houses down from her home, the two of them shared an embrace that changed both of their lives forever.  This led to a relationship they both said they didn’t want on a weekly basis.  Every Sunday Tony would remind Roz he did not want anything serious.  He reiterated they were just “FRIENDS”.  Roz agreed because she felt the same way.   May 13, 2011 Tony proposed to Roz at the National Harbor, and on October 2011 they were married and became The Manley’s Blended.